Your Vote for ANC Can Improve Pedestrian Safety in Your Neighborhood!

DC Election 2016Early voting has begun and election day is just less than a week away, happening next Tuesday, November 8th. While most of our attention has been focused on the Presidential election, there’s also some very important elections on the ballots for DC voters: your representative for your Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC).

ANCs can have a direct impact in shaping your neighborhood since they can formally make recommendations (and objections) related to zoning on newly proposed developments, as well as be an organizing body that convenes neighborhood concerns with representatives from the District Department of Transportation, the Office of Planning, and the Metropolitan Police Department. For more information on ANCs, read this primer from Greater Greater Washington.

To help guide DC voters through the positions from the many people who are running to be ANC representatives, the wonderful people at Greater Greater Washington distributed candidate questionnaires. In addition to questions about upcoming developments in each Ward, one of the questions was, “Where would you like to see new bicycle lanes, sidewalks, or other infrastructure to make it safer for residents, families, and seniors to walk and bike?”

Click here to read the endorsements from Greater Greater Washington, as well as the individual candidate responses.

Not sure of your ward or ANC? Click here for a handy tool.