Public Meetings to Improve the Pedestrian Experience in “Downtown West”

Downtown West Transportation Planning StudyThis week DDOT is launching a study to improve the pedestrian experience downtown. Stop by the MLK library Wednesday to voice your support for improvements to the streetscape on Pennsylvania Avenue and elsewhere.

The details:

Wednesday, June 15, 2016
6pm to 8pm
Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library
Room A-5
901 G Street NW

See DDOT for more information on the study.

Your Input Needed at the Crosstown Multimodal Study This Week!

Crosstown Multimodal Transportation StudyThis week, DDOT will host several public meetings related to the Crosstown Multimodal Transportation Study, an effort to expand east-west travel options between Brookland and Columbia Heights. The plans propose improvements for people who walk, bicycle, or use transit to travel between NE and NW. Some of the proposals include opening up the street grid in Park View, streamlining bus routes through the Washington Hospital Center campus, removing the dangerous cloverleaf intersections where North Capitol Street crosses Irving Street, and setting aside designated space for bicycles and buses.

Please stop by and tell DDOT you want:

  • The cloverleaf intersections at North Capitol Street and Irving Street turned into safe, signalized crosswalks.
  • The street grid opened up for better pedestrian movement around Park View.
  • Separate, inviting spaces for people walking versus biking.
  • Road diets on Michigan Avenue and Irving Street.
  • Irving Street turned from a highway-style wasteland into a vibrant city street.

For more information about the study, you can visit the study website at or contact DDOT Project Manager, Katherine Youngbluth, at or (202) 645-8625.

The public events are as follows:

Public Workshop #3
Thursday, June 9, 2016
Open House from 6:00pm to 8:00pm
Presentation at 6:30pm
Trinity University – Main Hall
(O’Connor Auditorium – 125 Michigan Avenue NE, Washington, DC 20017)

Simultaneous Public Engagement Events at Two Locations
Saturday, June 11, 2016
10:00am – 1:00pm

Location #1: Brookland
Brookland’s Monroe Street Farmers Market
(716 Monroe Street NE, Washington, DC 20017)

Location #2: Columbia Heights
Columbia Heights Metro Station – West Side
(3030 14th Street NW, Washington, DC 20009)

Google Patents Flypaper to Adhere Pedestrians to the Cars That Hit Them

Streetsblog recently reported that Google, which is developing self-driving cars, has patented a “flypaper or double-sided duct tape”-like technology to stick pedestrians to the cars that hit them, hoping this will minimize injuries. When people walking are struck by people driving cars, they are sometimes injured further by then striking the pavement or being driven over by the cars. Google’s technology would instead adhere them to the cars following the initial impact.Google's fly paper Seems like there’s a more obvious way to prevent pedestrian injuries—designing streets to keep automobile speeds down and minimize dangerous interactions between cars and people walking.

Streetsblog’s Angie Schmitt writes:

A much more important question for the impending autonomous car future is how these systems will minimize the potential for collisions with pedestrians in the first place. A fleet of robocars won’t need flypaper if they can’t exceed, say, 15 mph while operating on crowded city streets.

As technology changes in ways that affect the safety of people walking, you want a strong voice speaking up for your concerns in DC. Donate to All Walks DC now to fund our ongoing advocacy on behalf of pedestrians!

Great News: DDOT Grants Access to Traffic Control Plans at Construction Sites


The mess on L Street

Photo by Dave Salovesh

The demolition of the old Washington Post building and work on new construction in its place caused an uproar when the many pedestrians and bicyclists who regularly travel routes near the 15th Street NW and L Street NW site realized their protected spaces were being taken away, a move expected to last a whopping two years. There is currently no route for pedestrians along the northern side of L Street, and we have already heard of at least one incident in which a pedestrian was struck in the unsafe mixing zone. The closure came as an insult to advocates who pushed for the 2014 law and subsequent DDOT rulemaking that required construction sites to provide safe accommodation to pedestrians and bicyclists.

Now DDOT has taken an important step toward Open Data. As of today DDOT will begin publishing Traffic Control Plans (TCPs) for occupancy permits at construction staging areas online.  People who rely on city sidewalks can now use this tool to identify potential problems and demand better accommodations from the city and construction permit holders.

The information in an open data format through the Transportation Online Permitting System (TOPS).

DDOT announced that through TOPS, residents can now download TCPs and any permit issued by DDOT. To view TCPs for construction staging events, users must search for occupancy permits. The data will be available in open format to facilitate analysis, and can be accessed using DDOT’s mobile app. The TCPs show where portions of roadways, sidewalks, bike lanes and other types of public infrastructure will be temporarily occupied or altered as part of an approved occupancy permit.

Searches for construction and occupancy permits can be performed on permits that are up to 6 months old. Additionally, unlike some TOPS features, you do not have be a registered user to perform a permit search.

For more information about TOPS, please visit

Following advocacy efforts by All Walks DC and others, Mayor Bowser announced that as part of her Vision Zero Action Plan, DDOT will begin offering greater access to agency data, including approved TCPs. DDOT has also taken steps to release better information on crashes in which bicyclists and pedestrians are struck. However, much of this information is siloed in different agencies, meaning DC is still falling short in making available the kind of comprehensive data on crashes that our peer cities are releasing.

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Rock Creek East Livability Study Meetings This Week

Rock Creek East Livability StudyThe second round of meetings about the Rock Creek East Livability study will take place Thursday, May 12 from 4:30pm–6:30pm at the Petworth Metrorail Station, and Saturday, May 14 from 9am–1pm at the 14th and Kennedy NW Farmer’s Market. If you live in Ward 4, make sure you stop by to ask for better pedestrian accommodations in your neighborhood!

You can also let Ward 4 Councilmember Brandon Todd know you want the Council to fund these improvements.

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All Walks Member Cheryle Adams Asks for Better Snow Removal At Budget Oversight Hearing

Budget Oversight HearingYesterday All Walks member Cheryle Adams testified at the DC Council’s budget oversight hearing. She asked the council to provide funding for better snow removal in areas that pedestrians rely on.

From her testimony:
“I would like to offer one funding priority suggestion that I believe would ensure a safe and pedestrian-friendly transportation environment.
This includes funding for equipment and personnel to remove snow from all bridges, sidewalks, crosswalks and curb cuts to ensure a safe and pedestrian-friendly transportation environment.  For instance, contracting out to local snow removal companies for seasonal employees to augment DDOT’s staff would provide services in every part of the District.”


Do you want better snow removal on sidewalks, curb cuts and other areas where you walk or roll? Contact your councilmember to let them know.


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